Paper Award

ARIS 2015 Best Paper Award

(1st Prize)
Paper Title: A Novel Barcode System for Intelligent Automation
Industry ; Authors: Wei-Sheng Chen, Kai-Wen Chen, Hui-Sheng Ni, and
Yung-Yao Chen

(2nd Prize)
Paper Title: Supporting in Physics-based eRobotics-Testbeds the
Pervasive Employment of Intelligent Robot Manipulators ; Authors: Eric
Guiffo Kaigom and J¨urgen Roßmann

(3rd Prize)
Paper Title: A Proposal of Right and Left Turning Mechanism for
Quasi-Passive Walking Robot ; Authors: Fujio Ikeda and Shigehiro


ARIS 2015 Best Presentation Paper Award

(1st Prize)
Paper Title: A Method of Depth Improvement for Stereo System Based on
Random Pattern Projection ; Authors:  Mei-Yu Huang, Chin-Sheng Chen,
Chien-Liang Huang

(2nd Prize)
Paper Title: 3-D Object Recognition and Localization for Robot Pick
and Place Application Employing a Global Area Based Descriptor ;
Authors: Liang-Chia Chen, Thanh-Hung Nguyen, and Shyh-Tsong Lin

(3rd Prize)
Paper Title: Cooperative Formation Control of Small-Scale Unmanned
Multi-Helicopters Using Potential Field and PSO-RGA ; Authors:
Ching-Chih Tsai, Zen-Chung Wang


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